What Drives Us

Every day we wake up and think about how we can provide marketers an easy-to-use yet powerful retargeting solution.  If it’s a new UI design which simplifies workflow or a simple process which helps small businesses to launch their first campaign, we’re on it.

Our mission is to simplify the process of retargeting for beginners but also provide a very intelligent platform which allows advanced retargeters to easily run sophisticated campaigns.

The biggest value point which separates us from other retargeting platforms, is that we provide all the services which a fully managed solution offers with the transparency and control of a self-serve platform.  We’re truly the first hybrid retargeting platform, bridging managed services with a self-serve platform.  Meaning we have no contracts or minimum ad spend but you still get a dedicated account manager to help you with everything from installing your tracking pixel to optimizing your campaigns and more.

Join Our Team

Are you ready to help bring our hybrid retargeting platform to the world? At Geobid we’re building software that marketers love. Check out our current openings or contact us at careers@geobid.com!

  • Senior Account Executive
  • Mid-Market Account Executive
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Front-End Developer