Dynamic Call Tracking

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Dynamic Call Tracking

Geobid’s dynamic call tracking lets you track phone call conversions from your retargeting ads.  We do this by creating a custom tracking number which is displayed on your website after a user clicks on one of your retargeting ads.

Call Tracking Scenario

A potential customer visits your website then leaves.  They see your retargeting ads on a popular website like yahoo.com and they click on your ad.  Geobid will then replace your main phone number on your website with your dynamic call tracking number.  When a customer calls the number, we track that as a conversion to your retargeting campaign.  The only time they will see the dynamic call tracking number is if the user clicks on one of your retargeting ads.

How It Works

  1. Install our call tracking code in the footer of your website (below your Geobid Pixel).
  2. Submit which phone number you would like to swap for your dynamic tracking number

That’s it!

You can track your retargeting calls in your Geobid call tracking platform.

Call tracking analytics:

  1. Time of call
  2. Duration
  3. Caller Info
  4. City

Contact your Account Manager or email us at help@geobid.com to get started!

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