Email Retargeting

Geobid’s email retargeting let’s you serve ads to people who have recently opened up an email from you.  It works the same way as site retargeting by placing a small pixel in the HTML or signature of your email to track and retarget users.

The way email retargeting works is simple:

  1. Customer opens an email from your business
  2. A “cookie” (anonymous tracking code) is then placed in the customer’s web browser.
  3. When the customer exits the email and visits one of our publisher websites, the customer is then retargeted with your ad.


You can place our email retargeting pixel in any HTML email but here are a few common examples:

  1. In the signature of your email (Gmail, Yahoo, Yesware, Outlook, etc.)
  2. In the email template of your Mail Chimp email

Real Life Email Retargeting Applications


Prospecting a new client?  Once the prospect opens an email from you, Geobid email retargeting then show that prospect retargeting ads across the internet to build brand awareness and help close the deal.  If you are bringing a product to market, building brand awareness is historically the hardest part.  If the prospect does not know your company, start with an intro email and then the prospect will start to see your company’s retargeting ads across 98% of the internet after they open your email.  Set a duration on your email retargeting campaign that matches your sales cycle to eliminate wasted ad spend and prevent banner blindness.

Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships can use email strategies to include both acquisition Targeting and Retargeting. Acquisition Targeting would involve sending emails to various potential car purchasers within a certain demographic who have not previously engaged a particular dealership. Retargeting would involve sending emails to previous customers advising them of special events, new model inventory, maintenance reminders and recall advisories. Once they open the email, they would then be shown ads from multiple different ad campaigns depending on that individual’s demographics. For example, former SUV purchasers would be shown SUV ads regarding new models, whereas any former service center customer could be shown specials regarding maintenance.


Educational Institutions such as Universities, Colleges, Private High Schools/Grade Schools, Charter Schools and Trade Schools can Email Target potential students who have been identified from various databases. For example, High School Seniors’ email addresses are routinely and openly provided by their schools to any requesting College or University. Once a potential student or their parent opens an email and they are cookied, then they can be shown generalized ads regarding the Educational Institution. Once they click on an ad and visit the school’s site, they can then be “Retargeted” to be shown ads which are specific to the individual page they’ve visited. For example, if they’ve visited a site page regarding engineering, they then would be Retargeted by an ad campaign, which will then show ads touting the Universities engineering program’s graduation rate, employment rate, financial aid, etc.

Insurance Companies and Agencies.

National Insurance Companies, and their local agencies can use Email Retargeting by simply placing the Geobid pixel (or “cookie”) in the emails they routinely send to their customers. Once the customer opens the email, they can then be shown ads based on a campaign which most directly applies to them. For example, if the customer is approaching the expiration date of their policy term, they can be shown generalized branding ads regarding the Insurance Company, or very specific ads such as, “Don’t let your auto policy lapse—Call Bob Jones at Farmer’s now!”

The longer you run your campaigns, the more potential customers/former web visitors will see your ads. Once a potential customer satisfies your conversion goal (such as submitting a “contact us” form), they will no longer be shown your ads. Now it’s up to you, a successful business or agency, to do the easy part and convince them that they need to purchase your service or product!

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