How Geobid and Retargeting Works

Geobid’s web retargeting platform allows your businesses to gently encourage previous visitors to come back to your website by showing them your ads on Instagram, Facebook and banner/display ads across the entire internet.

This retargeting model has been proven to dramatically increase conversions and sales by simply showing a previous audience member your ad a set number of times within a campaign time limit. Your campaigns can be set to only show your ads to audience member for as little as 2 hours of leaving your site, or up to 90 days of leaving your site —you set the campaign length!

The retargeting of a previous site visitor is accomplished by placing an invisible tracking “pixel” on your site. This pixel then places a visitor-specific (invisible and anonymous) “cookie” on the visitor’s web browser. All cookied visitors are now part of your key advertising audience.

Geobid’s web retargeting platform will locate popular news sites across the web who “sell” display advertising space within their news articles. Geobid then bids and “buys” these spaces in order to show one of your previous site visitors one of your ads. We do this by partnering with Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks such as Pubmatic, Open X, Google Display, Google Double Click, Microsoft, Rubicon, and all other large ad publishers. A single ad campaign allows you to retarget with all of these networks, thereby giving you access to 100,000 websites. Once your previous visitor sees your ad, they are gently reminded to return to your site and use your product or service. This model has been shown to often increase a site’s conversion rate by as much as 8 to 10 times!

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