You’re in control. Choose your budget.

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How much should I spend?
The more unique visitors you have and the bigger your desired reach means you will need a larger budget. However, following the $75/week per 1,000 visitors/month is a good way to start.
When do I get charged?
Once you have established your account and prepaid the weekly budget you have chosen for your first campaign, you will then be billed every Monday for only the amount you spent during the prior 7 days.
How do I get a refund?
If you still have unspent campaign funds in your account and want to empty your account, either email or call (888) 340-9336. When we issue a refund we will pause the campaign indefinitely.
What's the difference between CPC & CPM?
CPC is cost-per-click and CPM is cost-per-thousand impressions. Will bill on the CPM model. However, in your dashboard you can see your campaign cost-per-click metric but your cost is from CPM.
Do I get email receipts?
Yes. Whenever you make a purchase (create a new campaign or increase an existing campaign budget) you will get a email receipt. You can also see all your charges in your accounts “Invoice” page.
What if my payment fails?
If your payment fails during Monday billing cycle, we pause the campaign and you have to contact or call (888) 340-9336 to reactivate the campaign.