Retargeting for Education

Educational Institutions such as Universities, Colleges, Private High Schools/Grade Schools, Charter Schools, Trade Schools and Online Class Providers were previously left without an inexpensive self serve option that included all of the best Ad inventories/publishers. Most were stuck using a managed platform which required a contract and expensive monthly fee. Geobid offers a no contract, no minimum ad spend, self serve solution that contains all of the features that are best for Educational Institutions. These features include:

  • Single Universal Tracking Pixel
  • Multisite Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Advanced Segmenting
  • Image Ads
  • HTML 5/Slideshow Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Zip Code Targeting
  • Email Retargeting

Many potential students and parents will visit 5 or more Educational websites before they contact the first Private School/Charter School, University, College, Trade School or Online Class Provider. These students will do their research do to the fact that the tuition for brick and mortar facilities, or “per credit hour” costs for online education can vary drastically. From hundreds of dollars–to hundreds of thousands of dollars! This research can take weeks or even months. Web retargeting keeps putting your ads in front of these potential students when they are browsing the internet, reading news and sports sites, or checking Facebook and Instagram. Education Providers that retarget have a much higher conversion rate than those which don’t.

Geobid Account Managers are expressly trained to handle Education Retargeting. They will show you how to set up your campaigns. Specifically:

  • How to set up your budget
  • How to set your Ad frequency (ie. how often each ad is shown)
  • How to set your campaign to bring visitors who are seeking specific education majors to specific landing pages (ie. previous criminal justice search visitors are shown your criminal justice program ads which land on your criminal justice education pages)
  • How to create different ads to show the same visitor (ie. one ad showing your effective educational programs, and another ad touting your graduate employment rate)
  • How to show one set of ads to a visitor who looked at one of your services, and a different set to a different visitor who viewed a different service

The longer you run your campaign, the more potential students/former web visitors will see your ads. Once a potential student satisfies your conversion goal (such as submitting a “contact us” form), they will no longer be shown your ads. Now it is up to you, a successful Education Recruiter, to do the easy part and convince them that they need to enroll in your Educational Institution!

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