Self-Serve Retargeting Platform for Agencies

Geobid offers a self-serve platform with all the tools that agencies need to manage their clients retargeting campaigns.  We don’t require a contract or minimum ad spend and our platform includes a dedicated Ad Manager who will work with Agencies to build creatives, set up ad campaigns and assist every step of the way.  Geobid provides Agencies with all of their chosen ad inventories/publishers, and contains all of the features Agencies love.  These features include:

  • Single Universal Tracking Pixel
  • Multisite Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Advanced Segmenting
  • Image Ads
  • HTML 5/Slideshow Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Zip Code Targeting
  • Email Retargeting

Potential clients will interview many Internet SEO and Marketing Agencies before making their choice.  Geobid is available to “white label” – free of charge.  This allows Agencies to impress their potential clients by presenting demos with only their logo on the Geobid platform and on all reports.  Geobid is also better because it costs less.  We are fully transparent and have only a 15% fee on just ad spend (other retargeting platforms charge up to 40% without telling you their true fee).  We also have the option for you to choose your own CPM so you can achieve your clients KPI goals.  Your team will love the easy–to–use dashboard/user interface and our custom reporting (which can report down to the hour in specificity).  Also, Geobid Account Managers are expressly trained to handle Agency retargeting.  They will show you how to set up your campaigns. Specifically:

  • How to set up your budget
  • How to set your Ad frequency (ie. how often each ad is shown)
  • How to set your campaigns to bring visitors who are seeking specific services to specific landing pages (ie. previous Medical Treatment seeking visitors are shown your client’s Healthcare ads which land on their Healthcare pages)
  • How to create different ads to show the same visitor (ie. one ad showing your law firm client’s Personal Injury ad, and another ad touting your client’s no recovery/no fee guarentee)
  • How to show one set of ads to a visitor who looked at one of your automotive client’s services (ie. car sales), and a different set to a different visitor who viewed a different service (ie. brake jobs and general vehicle maintenance)

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