Site Retargeting

Show ads to people who have recently visited your website across the web.

01Customer visits your website then leaves
02Customer sees your ads on other websites they visit
03Customer returns to your website to convert

Site Retargeting 101

Site retargeting allows small businesses to show display, native and video ads to people who have recently visited their website.  Ads are shown across 98% of the internet on websites like, and many more.

Insane Performance

Since we’re showing targeted ads to people who have recently visited your website, retargeting ads have a 200%-400% higher click-though rate (CTR) than traditional banner ads.

Why Your Business Needs Retargeting

On average, only 2% of website visitors convert their first time they visit a website (make a purchase, submit a form, etc).  With retargeting, marketers are able to shows targeted ads to the other 98% who did not convert to get them to return to your website and finish the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting works by placing an invisible piece of code or “pixel” on your site which places a cookie in the visitor’s web browser.  Our cookies only know that the user has visited your site, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about the user.

When the user lands on one of our publisher sites like, the cookie talks to the website and bids in a real-time auction (within 100 milliseconds) to buy ad space on their website.  Once Geobid wins the auction, we display your ad on the publisher’s website and your retargeting campaign goes to work!

What’s the average ROI with retargeting?
Retargeting dramatically increases conversions and sales by simply showing targeted ads to customers who have recently visited your website.  On average advertisers see a 10:1 ROI from retargeting.  That means for every $1 spent, retargeting brings you $10!

How do I get started?
Request a demo to get started with Geobid retargeting!  Our team will help you set up your tracking pixel, create ads and launch your first campaign.

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