Video Ads

Geobid’s video ads are a great way to get your engaging content to people who have recently visited your website.  Video ads are served on websites like, and many many more.  The video ads play in “pre-roll”, “in-stream” and various highly engaging ad spaces across the internet.

Video ads are preferred by Agency/Advanced Retargeters. The advantage of Geobid’s video ads is that they have a built in VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) with linear “5 second” skippable ads. This skiappability is a requirement of many of our ad network partners. The “5 second” amount of time can be extended or deleted, depending on the ad networks parameters.

With our built-in VAST, there is no need to upload your own VAST ad serving tag. Simply upload your MP4 video file into the Geobid platform—That’s it! Or, if you prefer, you can contact us for a custom VAST template simply by clicking here to contact a Geobid Ad Manager.

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