Zip Code Targeting

Geobid offers Zip Code Targeting which allows you to serve ads to anyone using a device whose IP address is currently registering within a specific zip code. When a person goes online and if their browser allows cookies, then ads will be shown to these individuals when they are within the targeted zip code while browsing the internet, reading the news and sport sites or checking Facebook and Instagram. Ads will continue to be served to these visitors the entire time they use their device within the zip code area, even if they did not yet click on an ad within that zip code’s geographical boundary. Zip Code Targeting is a customer “acquisition” strategy whereby once they click on an ad, then Retargeting (a customer “reacquisition” strategy) will occur from that point forward and ads will follow the site visitors even after they leave the targeted zip code area!

Our Zip Code identification & targeting is powered by Digital Element (The global IP Geolocation leader).  Digital Element is the industry’s only IP geolocation provider accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), whose mission is to ensure valid, reliable, and effective audience measurement services.

Real Life Zip Code Targeting Applications

Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate Agencies can Zip Code Target their home office’s zip code, along with affluent area zip codes (ie. Beverly Hills, California or Paradise Valley, Arizona) or popular summer/winter vacation zip codes (ie. Vail, Colorado or San Diego, California). Agencies can show HTML 5 image or slide show ads featuring various premium listings in that zip code. These ads should include photos, addresses, list prices and selling points.

Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships can Zip Code Target their location’s home zip code, or specific area zip codes which would most likely contain customers who would purchase a particular type of vehicle. For example, a Dealership could Zip Code Target a rural area (ie. Indio, California) to advertise trucks and work vehicles, and then separately target an affluent zip code (ie. Beverly Hills, California) to showcase luxury vehicle ads.


Educational Institutions such as Universities, Colleges, Private High Schools/Grade Schools, Charter Schools and Trade Schools can Zip Code Target their physical location’s zip code area. These Educational Institutions, along with Online Class Providers, can also zip code target areas which include the demographic they serve. For example, Private Schools can target the zip codes of affluent areas, and Online Class Providers can target the zip codes which contain a high number of working class families. Ads can highlight reviews and ratings (ie. US News and World Report), or they can feature graduation percentages, job placement rates, or they can tout how low an Online Class Provider or Trade School’s cost per credit hour is compared to others.

Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare Providers such as Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Pharmacies, Apothecary Shops, Vitamin/Nutrition Stores and others who perform reoccurring medical services can greatly benefit from Zip Code Targeting by serving ads to potential patients and customers in the zip code area in which their business is located. These ads should contain content which is neighborhood and community based. In addition, these ads should tout qualifications, awards, convenience and affordability. Patients and customers will chose a neighborhood provider over a remote business more often than not. Even if the 2 similar providers or businesses are only a couple of miles apart!

Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agencies and Insurance Companies can use Zip Code Targeting most effectively for neighborhood agents who provide national products. By showing ads to residents in an Insurance Agency’s home zip code, a sense of neighborhood and community is established. Most people would choose a neighborhood agent over an unknown business in a different zip code when it comes to purchasing homeowner’s coverage or life insurance. This is most evident in the highly successful ad slogan “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”. With regards to automobile insurance, many online insurance companies have eroded this “neighbor” concept. However many agents have been highly successful with their Zip Code Targeting campaigns when they tout their personal service and immediate availability should there be an accident.

Geobid’s Zip Code Targeting is Inexpensive, has Better Features and Includes a Free Geobid Ad Manager

Most all other web retargeting companies which offer Zip Code Targeting require a contract and charge a “management fee” along with a high cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Geobid offers a self-serve solution which requires no contract, no minimum ad spend and contains the best features. In addition to Zip Code Targeting, these features include:

  • Single Universal Tracking Pixel
  • Multisite Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Advanced Segmenting
  • Image Ads
  • HTML 5/Slideshow Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Email Targeting and Retargeting

Geobid Account Managers are expressly trained to handle Zip Code Targeting. They will show you how to set up your campaigns. Specifically,

  • How to set up your budget
  • How to set your Ad frequency (ie. how often each ad is shown)
  • How to set your campaign to bring visitors seeking specific services or products to specific landing pages
  • How to create different ads to show the same visitor regarding different aspects of your service or product
  • How to show one set of ads to a visitor who looked at one of your services, and a different set to a different visitor who viewed a different service

The longer you run your campaigns, the more potential customers/former web visitors will see your ads. Once a potential customer satisfies your conversion goal (such as submitting a “contact us” form), they will no longer be shown your ads. Now it’s up to you, a successful business or agency, to do the easy part and convince them that they need to purchase your service or product!

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