How Retargeting Works

Re-engage with customers after they leave your website

1. Customer Visits Your Website

When a customer lands on your website, Geobid begins tracking that customers page visits and behavior on your website. Our custom built tracking pixel (invisible code on your website) places a cookie in the customers browser to collect non-personal information about their behavior on your site.

Customer lands on your website
On average, only 2% of website visitors convert when they visit a website.
Customer gets cookied
Geobid places a cookie in their browser to show them ads later on.

2. Customer Sees Your Ad

When the customer leaves your website, Geobid will show them targeted display ads across 98% of the internet as they continue to browse the web. We’re connected to 500+ top ad networks which will serve your targeted ads on websites like,, and many more.

Access to 15,000,000+ websites
We’re integrated with 500+ major ad exchanges to provide you maximum reach.
Single impression tracking
Impression tracking lets us count view-through & click-through conversions.

3. Customer Returns to Convert

When a customer clicks on your ad, it will bring them to a landing page of your choice. You can segment your visitors based on their intent on your site to show them a personalized landing page. For example, if a user leaves your site while on the check out page, bring them back to their cart to finish the purchase.

Low cost, huge returns

On average, retargeting campaigns generate a 10:1 ROI.  Meaning for every $1 you spend, retargeting brings you $10!

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