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Geo-Fencing involves using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to create a virtual radius which defines a geographic boundary around a physical place.  When a person enters the defined “Geo-Fenced” area, ads will show up on their smart phone or tablet while using an app (local news app, entertainment app, gaming app, etc.) or browsing the web while on GPS enabled sites.

Ads will then follow users when they leave the Geo-Fenced area if their browser allows cookies.  This allows you to continue to serve ads to users even if they did not click on you ad while in the Geo-Fenced area!

Real Life Geo-Fence Applications:


Personal Injury: Geo-Fence emergency rooms, hospitals, physical therapy offices, chiropractors, medical imaging/MRI facilities, auto body repair shops, nursing home visitation areas, youth sport fields, competitor’s offices.

Criminal Defense: Geo-Fence Courthouses, jail visitation areas, police stations, bail bond offices, competitor’s offices.

Family Law: Geo-Fence supervised child visitation facilities, courthouses, Therapist/Counselor’s offices, Financial Planner/Wealth Management offices, competitor’s offices.

Estate Planning/Probate: Geo-Fence retirement communities, Financial Planning/Wealth Management offices, courthouses, funeral homes, competitor’s offices.


Plastic Surgery/Botox/Filler and Injection offices: Geo-Fence your own office plus a 1 mile radius; All beauty/nail salons and make-up stores city wide.

Beauty/Make-up stores: Geo-Fence your own store plus a 1 mile radius, plastic surgery/botox/filler and injection offices, plus Nail and Hair Salons-all within a 5 mile radius.


Geo-Fence you own store plus a 2 mile radius (if in the suburbs), or (if in a mall) Geo-Fence the entire mall plus the surrounding parking lot and restaurants; schools and colleges; other malls or strip centers where the competition resides.


Geo-Fence your restaurant location plus a 3 mile radius (if in the suburbs), or a ½ mile radius (if in the city); all nearby office buildings during lunch (11:00 am-2:00 pm) and dinner (4:00 pm-7:00 pm); all nearby malls, sporting and entertainment venues; nearby colleges and shopping districts; nearby movie theaters and theme parks; and areas where nearby competition resides.

Political Ads

Geo-Fence voting district boundaries, rival headquarters, Council members/Congress members/Senate members and any other politician who can vote regarding a specific bill or law.

What Separate Us from other Geo-Fencing Companies

Most all other web retargeting companies which offer Geo-Fencing charge a “management fee” along with a higher cost per thousand impressions (CPM). For example, one of the largest legal marketing groups charges $299 just to access Geo-Fencing capability, and then they require a “minimum order” of $1,000 for 100,000 impressions!

Geobid charges $0 for accessing our Service and our Geo-Fencing CPM is usually $2-$6 for a thousand impressions, and we have no “minimum order” or contract to sign.  With Geobid’s Geo-Fencing you spend as little as you like, for as short of a time as you would like.

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