Platform Overview

Our platform provides you with transparency & control

Self-Serve Dashboard

Our self-serve platform is perfect for do-it-yourself marketers who want to create and manage their campaigns on their own. It also provides our Managed Service customers the transparency and control to see exactly how your campaigns are performing at any time.

Inventory Reporting

See exactly what websites your ads have been shown on with our robust inventory reporting. You’ll be able to see how many impressions have been served on a specific site, click-through rate, cost and more to better understand how your campaigns are performing.

Conversion Tracking

Our conversion tracking report allows you to understand the success of your campaigns. Conversions can be a form fill, purchase, live chat conversation and more. We track click-through/view-through conversions and let you set your own success intervals based on your goals.

plus many more awesome features!

Getting started is easy & we’ll help every step of the way

Robust Targeting

Target users based on their on-site browsing behavior, purchase history, time off-site & more

Free Ad Design

We’ll build your first 7 ads for free and on-going to keep your campaigns looking fresh

Timeline Ads

Serve different variations of ads as your customer moves down your campaigns timeline

Conversion Tracking

Understand the success of your campaigns with custom events, order IDs & revenue tracking

Dedicated Ad Manager

Your ad manager with help you create/optimize your campaigns to reach your goals

Why your business needs retargeting

On average, only 2% of website visitors convert their first time they visit a website (make a purchase, submit a form, etc). With retargeting, marketers are able to show targeted ads to the other 98% who did not convert to get them to return to your website and finish the conversion.

A simple & effective tool for your marketing funnel

If you’ve spent time & money getting people to your website (Google, Yelp, print, etc.), utilize retargeting to bring those potential customers back to your website & finish their conversion.

Be everywhere your customers are

Re-engage your customers across 2+ million websites like Yahoo, LinkedIn & MSN.  Be everywhere your customers are to bring them back to your website & finish their conversion.

25X engagement with your ads

The average click-through rate (CTR) for typical display ads is .06%.  With retargeting, we see click-through rates as high as 1.5%, a 25X increase in engagement from your ads.

5X ROI on average from retargeting

Retargeting dramatically increases conversions and sales by simply showing targeted ads to customers who have recently visited your website.  On average advertisers see a 5:1 ROI from retargeting.  That means for every $1 spent, retargeting brings you $5!

We’ve worked with many retargeting companies in the past but none have come close to our results with Geobid. They have truly taken our business to the next level and I would recommend them to anyone. 10 out of 10!

Be seen across 2+ Million websites

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